The Book on Revenge (Digital Book + Audio Book + MORE)

The Book on Revenge (Digital Book + Audio Book + MORE)

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This is the straightforward blueprint for getting revenge — the right way, the smart way, and the best way. No matter what the setback or who wronged you, this book will help you get in the right frame of mind to get the kind of revenge that makes you not just feel better but become better. It’s about how to turn the tables and make whatever cards are laid out in front of you work in your favor so that you not only get even, but let others know you are not one to be messed with again.

In this 4-Part Digital Experience, We Will Cover:

🗝 The Strategies for Each Stage of Revenge  From preparation and plotting to after the war is won.

🗝 The Value of The Enemy — why it’s good and healthy to have enemies.

🗝 How to Choose Your Battles Wisely — not every battle is worth fighting, and not all are worth the same level of energy and intensity.

🗝 How to Identify the Enemies in Your Own Life

🗝 Damage Control — How to course correct when you mess up.

🗝 How to Protect Yourself from Someone Seeking Revenge on YOU

🗝 Why Revenge is Healthy, Necessary, and The Spiritual Thing to Do

🗝 How to Get Over an Ex (or even get them back)


& MORE! All 3 Parts are available to read and listen to NOW! Order NOW for your chance at getting one-on-one advice for getting not just even, but everything. PART 4 comes out on Monday, March 30th.


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