MANIFEST DESTINY: Secrets NOT in "The Secret" (Digital Book / Audio Book)

MANIFEST DESTINY: Secrets NOT in "The Secret" (Digital Book / Audio Book)

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Many of us have already heard about The Law of Attraction and Manifesting, but there's unfortunately a lot of misinformation out there.

You know those areas of your life that make you feel like a miracle needs to happen in order for things to change?

We all know what it's like to feel completely powerless, helpless, and hopeless.
We've all had circumstances where no matter how hard we try, it's as though we take one step forward only to be pulled two steps backward.

Or on the other hand, no matter how much effort we exert it's as though nothing is changing. No movement. No momentum.

But we don't need to wait for a miracle to occur.

We all have the power to create what could only be described as miraculous events in our lives, it's just that, most of us aren't taught how. 


  • Make more money doing what you LOVE!
  • Feel happier, less anxious. Feel more confident.
  • Experience a life that feels easier, where everything seems to be working in your favor.
  • Attract the kind of relationship you want, with the kind of partner you want.
  • Have more freedom to do what you want.
  • Buy the exact property you want for a dollar -- (you have to read about that success story!)
  • & more, the sky is the limit.

Manifest Destiny: Secrets NOT in "The Secret" uncovers what has made The Law of Attraction confusing and difficult for so many and gets down to what really makes it work. If you've been frustrated with The Law of Attraction, this will bring you a lot of clarity and relief, so that you can actually get more of what you want without all the unnecessary fluff.

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